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I’ve been making breakfast burritos every weekend and eating them all week for a couple months now and not only are they really tasty, they’re not very expensive (my version is $1.78 per burrito), and they have a good hit of protein, which is good, because I have to concentrate on protein (left to my own devices, I will totally eat cereal and toast for three meals a day). They’re easy to make, although they do take some planning ahead. 

Breakfast Burritos: makes 5

1 large carton (32 oz) of egg whites. You can use whole eggs, but I eat hard-boiled eggs for lunch, and 4 whole eggs a day is probably a little excessive. It would be less expensive to buy eggs and separate them, but I don’t have a use for the egg yokes and it would be more time consuming and messy than I’m personally okay with.

Salt/pepper/seasoning that you like on your eggs. 

2 bell peppers- I use the long, skinny sweet peppers because I think they are easier to deal with (a lot of my food choices come down to “is this going to be easy for me to deal with”) and tastier (I also digest red/yellow/orange peppers better). I just slice them thinly. If you use regular bell peppers, you may want to either dice them very small or saute them a little first to get some of the water out of them before you get started. 

5 large burrito size tortillas (that’s half a package of the ones I buy)

about 1/3 of a package of shredded cheese (maybe 2/3rds of a cup or so). I like the store brand Mexican blend myself, but anything that melts would work. 

paper towels and foil to wrap the burritos in

1) spray a casserole dish with non-stick spray (adds a negligible amount of fat, but you’ll thank yourself later when you clean the dish). Dice/slice your peppers and layer them in the bottom of the dish. Pour the egg whites over the peppers, add salt/pepper/other seasoning to taste and put the casserole into a 350F/176C oven. Set the timer for 10 minutes and go do something else.

2) when the timer goes off, check the eggs and give them a stir. If they’re not looking at all set up, give them another 10 minutes. If they’re starting to set, check them in 5. Trust me, you do not want to over cook the eggs. 

3) at the 20 minute mark, your eggs should be set up, but still pretty runny. I like my eggs firm and fully cooked, so I give them another 10 minutes. If you’re more okay with a little runny, give them 5 and check them, but I will caution you that drier is better if you’re planning on microwaving the finished burritos. 

4) when the eggs are cooked to your taste, pull them from the oven and let them cool off for about 10-15 minutes before refrigerating them for at least an hour or two. You want them to be cold before rolling the burritos. I usually cook the eggs in the morning or early afternoon and roll burritos after dinner. 

5) About 15 minutes or so before you start to roll the burritos, pull the tortillas out of the fridge and let them warm up to room temperature. 

6) Ready to roll! Pull the eggs and cheese out of the fridge. My technique is to lay a paper towel on the counter and put the tortilla on the towel. A scoop of egg/veggie mixture goes in the middle of the tortilla, maybe slightly towards the bottom edge. Cheese goes on top. Then I fold up the bottom of the tortilla, fold in the sides and roll it into a sort of square roll. I fold the paper towel around it and wrap the whole thing with foil. They keep easily in the fridge for up to 5 days with no issues. I might freeze them if I was going to go much longer than that, but if you’re freezing, I recommend patting the egg mixture as dry as possible before rolling the burritos. Things tend to get watery on reheating if things aren’t dry when they go into the freezer

To reheat: I reheat refrigerated burritos (in their paper towel wrappers so things stay together and don’t dry out) in the microwave at work for 1:30, which gets them hot enough to stay hot (wrapped back up in the foil- don’t microwave in the foil, obviously) during the walk back to my desk and they cool off to the perfect temperature while I’m eating my fruit or yogurt. If I was eating it right from the micro, I’d probably only heat it for 1:00-1:15. YMMV. 

You can, of course, add other things to the burritos. Hash browns would probably work well, as would sausage or bacon. I have food texture issues that makes these additions a no-go in this application, but it would probably be good. Just again, make things as dry possible/drain things really well before adding to the burrito. Also, most people will probably want hot sauce or salsa on the burrito, but I would add that after they were reheated so things didn’t get too watery (I don’t particularly like tomatoes in anything other than chili and even then it’s only barely acceptable, so I don’t put salsa on mine). 

My cost breakdown for 5 burritos (Prices in USD. I live in Ohio, which isn’t a high COL place, so this may seem unrealistically cheap if you live on a US coast):

1 32 oz carton of egg whites: $4.49

1/3 bag of cheese: $0.93 (whole bag is $2.79)

1/2 package of tortillas: $1.50 (whole package is $2.99)

1/2 package of miniature bell peppers: $2.00 (whole package is $3.99)

Total: $8.91

Price per burrito: $1.78

According to Cronometer, the nutritional breakdown for one burrito is:

239.5 calories

14.8 g protein

26.6 carbs

7.7 g fat






usually unpopular opinion puffin pisses me off but this is so important

yes this


for fucking real though

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this is your yearly fall reminder that


  • for the sake of the transplant patient riding next to you on the bus,
  • for the sake of the barista who makes your coffee and takes immune suppressants for her crohn’s disease,
  • for the sake of your grandpa on chemo,
  • for the sake of your cousin’s tiny new baby,
  • for the sake of the old lady you…

Yes, PLEASE get a flu shot. Mildly immunocompromised person with malfunctioning lungs here. I can and do get a flu shot every year, but I still depend on the herd immunity to help keep me safe because the shot is not 100% effective and I’m at very, very high risk of complications. There’s millions of folks like me who can’t risk getting the flu, and a lot of us are mostly “invisible”, so it’s not like you can tell just by looking.

And for the love of Pete, if you can possibly help it, STAY HOME if you are sick. I totally understand that there are people who can’t miss work because they don’t have sick days and they won’t get paid if they don’t go in and they can’t afford that. Been there- spent most of my adult life in that situation. If that’s you, then trust me, I get it, and don’t blame you at all. But if you do have sick days and the ability to stay home, please do. It’ll make it less likely for everyone to get sick, including people who can’t take off work (who often have public facing jobs, which means more people come in contact with them, and yeah, you get my point).  

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15 Things You Might Not Know About Kansas

And I have been there! It’s further away from the interstate than it looks…

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some people say there’s a red string that connects fated lovers

psa don’t look at the notes bc there are so many people completely missing the point that these are non-romantic strings of fate and making jokes about where the red string “must be” and it’s making me really angry bc we can’t even have a good artistic representation of aromanticism without people desperately grasping for a romantic interpretation somehow

like the artist has specifically requested that people stop making this about their fandoms and romance bc it’s a personal piece about aromanticism

its great i loVE IT??? we need more aromantic… anything rlly and this is really beautiful!

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Photo Set




Justin Lynch beating Michael Phelps record at just 16



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Does anyone else find meditation panic-inducing?

Yes, sometimes. Not always- it’s easier if I have something guiding me (so long as it’s not guided imagery. I have no visual imaging in my head- I can’t picture what something looks like, even if I try very hard)- and the more I do it, the easier it’s getting. I keep trying because it does seem to help some of my other issues. But there are days that I really do not want to explore the inside of my head, even passively. 

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The new IOS8 update contains an app named Health which CANNOT BE DELETED.

The app allows you to choose which aspects of your health you choose to monitor, but available categories include “Body Measurements”, which includes body weight, and “Fitness”, which contains sections for…

Eesh. Glad I’m not using Apple products, because there are definitely times this would not be a good thing for me. 

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  • Jedi: May the force be with you
  • Catholic Jedi: And also with you
  •, seriously, anything that has the construction "be with you" is going to get an automatic "and also with you" in my head. Most of the time I manage not to say it aloud.
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