That is so adorable.

Oh honey.
Oh honey no.

It’s finally happened

*collapses to the floor in a pile of helpless giggling*

*wipes tear from eye* The great part of this is that even if this post turns out to be a fake, someone in the world has already said it for real.

Bahahahahahahaha. Where to even begin….love the line “When people were happy with themselves”

Somebody has a very…skewed version of what it was like to be a teenager in the 90s. Um. Not really so much. 

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Does anybody have any long lost family? My dad found out he had another sister about 15 years ago when she was 26. It was strange finding out that i had another auntie and more cousins.
My dad then had a basterd child around 5 years ago who i only see when i bump into him and…

I might, although I don’t know them. I have a couple of relatives who have different biological fathers than the father who raised them. My dad also has some cousins that he’s been estranged from for decades and who I wouldn’t know if I met them on the street (I’m not likely to meet them on the street- I live in a different part of the country as the last place we knew where some of them lived and a different part of the state than the last place we knew where others of them lived). Also, I apparently still have cousins as close as 2nd cousins and great aunts/uncles living in Poland where my great-grandfather emigrated from during WWI. And possibly relatives of my great-great-grandfather’s second family roaming around someplace in the States (the reason my great-grandfather emigrated was to chase down his philandering father and ship him back to Poland to his first wife, i.e., my great-great-grandmother. Great-grandpa decided to stick around instead of going back to a country that was under occupation. Again). 

I’m unlikely to ever meet any of these people, but given how tiny my own family is, I’m somewhat both weirded out and comforted that there’s other people with my dna roaming around out there. 

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"reblog if you ever actually used a phone with a “rotary dial” on it"


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Wi-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch, wi-ch-ch, wi-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch……

And getting your finger caught under the metal thingy.


Ugh, the worst was when someone had multiple numbers above 5 in their phone number. It took FOREVER to dial that shit :D

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My grandparents’ phone number ended in “0081.” Getting to the 1 after 0 0 8 was such a fucking relief.

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So, I got the results of my sleep study back late last week and the good news is that I don’t really have sleep apnea. The diagnostic criteria is 5 or more obstructions and hour, and I had 4.5 when I wasn’t in REM sleep, and 7 per hour in REM sleep. So, that means I technically only have sleep apnea in REM sleep, at a level my doctor called “extremely mild” and therefore, I don’t have to do anything about it. It’s below the level at which treatment is even necessary. This is good. (I have refrained from saying “I told you so” to everyone who said my sleep issues were probably sleep apnea and told me I was being naive or in denial when I said I was pretty sure that I would know if I was waking up because I couldn’t breathe). She did say that if I lost weight, even the small number of partial obstructions I get (there were no full obstructions) would probably disappear completely. I told her that the only way I lose weight is if I eat less than 1000 calories per day and then I tend to gain it all back and then some, and it’s really bad for my mental health, so, uh, no. Not putting myself through that again, thank you. She backed off some after that. I’ll take it. 

I do, however, move a lot in my sleep. Apparently, my brain is completely asleep while I’m flopping around, so it’s more of a problem for anyone sharing a bed with me than it is for me, but given that I’ve injured myself in my sleep (I separated my shoulder once and I’ve thrown out my back) and given that restless legs seem to be part of the cause of my insomnia (ADHD and anxiety are probably the rest of it. My brain is just too busy) and since I apparently was moving during REM sleep, which is not supposed to happen, I got the diagnosis of Restless Legs Syndrome and a minor REM sleep disorder. Since I did not do at all well on the medication they usually use for RLS and since the other medications for RLS are in the same class (they work through different muscle pathways, but they work the same on the brain), we are trying a very low dose of Ativan/lorazepam to see if that will do the trick. Apparently, that’s the second line treatment. It seems to be working in some fashion- there is a lot more sleeping space around the restless moments that my fitbit is capturing, even if I don’t seem to be averaging more sleep than before (I think it’s because the insomnia is particularly bad at the moment for some reason. I’d blame jet lag, but I’ve been home from Colorado for a week now). So, we’ll see. It’s making me groggy in the morning, but I’m hoping I’ll adjust. 

So, that is the sleep issues. Fortunately, it seems like they will require less maneuvering around than the food issues (which are being problematic, but I’m really too tired to explain and deal with it at the moment). The exercise is going fine, although I’m really hoping it cools off this weekend so I can go walk/run outside. It’s much, much too humid for me to do much of anything outside right now, even early in the morning when it’s still pretty cool. Too hard to breathe.  




Woman launches mobile showers for the homeless

A San Francisco woman creates a “shower bus” to help accommodate the city’s 3,500 homeless people. Vanessa Johnston reports.

Her name is Doniece Sandoval~ don’t forget to credit the badass women making history!

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…the moment when I realize that G Callen and Nathan Wuornos agree on the matter of pancakes, and then try to imagine Sam’s reaction to the Troubles and am promptly very happy that I’m not drinking anything.

Then realize that Sam Hanna will find Duke even more annoying than the Troubles. Or at…

Oooh. Sam and crew in Haven. From my limited exposure so far, I think Haven might well be harder on Sam than the supernatural ninjas. It seems like the Troubles are much less controlled than the ninjas’ powers and Sam is such a control freak (there are ways he’s way worse than G). 

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Reblog this is you are, or have had to, take more than 2 pills per day.

16 a day so far.

I’d have to count, and a good chunk of them are supplements (which make me function better, so I count them), but yeah, well more than 2 pills per day. Plus inhalers. For the better part of the last 30 years. 

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Uh, yeah, I mentioned the ADHD, right? 

Anyway, things are going reasonably well. I took a break from tracking food while I was on vacation visiting my brother and sister-in-law, and I’m relatively certain I did not eat enough while I was there, but, I wasn’t really hungry so it may be fine. I did quite a bit of walking and even did a small group circuit training class with my SIL- and I did okay. I had to sit out one round of three completely and I finished all but the last exercise on the last round of the second round of three. I don’t really do strength training, so that’s pretty impressive. The trainer said the altitude gets everyone the first little while if they’re not acclimated, and I really wasn’t. 

So, this week, I’m getting back to tracking the food and working on getting to 2000 calories net without eating out (I’ve only managed that once, so far, and not on a swimming day. Swimming burns hella calories). I’m going to go get some new running shoes, possibly tomorrow, because mine are breaking down and longer walks are getting a little painful. I wanted to wait until July, but since I spent a little less than I anticipated while I was travelling, I can swing it before I get paid. I’m also going to scope out some outdoor trails to see if I can find a 2 mile loop or a 4 mile trail closer to my apartment than the 4 mile trail I know of by my parents’ house. I don’t mind driving over there (it’s only about 20-25 minutes), but if I can find something closer to home that might be more convenient. 

However, spending 4.5 days in Colorado has throw off my sleep schedule, because I should be in bed now, and I’m totally wide awake (there’s a 2 hour difference between where I live and Colorado). I’m letting myself do whatever tonight and get up when I wake up tomorrow, particularly since I was awake at 3 AM this morning after getting about 3.5 hours of sleep (hotel room AC did not work terribly well and I was worried about oversleeping). I did sleep some on the first flight back and I did take a nap, but I’m still underslept. But tomorrow, I’m getting back on my sleep schedule because I’m getting up to go swim on Thursday morning. And because I want to not be in a world of hurt on Monday morning (I’m on vacation the rest of the week because I had time to burn- my vacation time is use it or lose it and I have a really ridiculous amount of vacation). 




I want to see how big of a problem this actually is, and so I know I’m not alone.

I’m going to follow every single one of you that reblogs this. 

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  • Question: Hello! I didn't see anything on this, but what do you guys think of staffing agencies? I've gone through at least five and none of them have been worth it. I go through extensive interviews/paperwork only for them to tell me nothing is available. Or I get dragged into sales jobs when I specifically applied for data entry/administrative work. Any success stories from these companies? - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    I’d like to hear this too. Anyone land a successful job from a temp agency?

    Yes! I got my current job from a temp agency. I signed on for a 3 month administrative assistant position and a month into the gig, the company I was working with hired me full time with full benefits (really good benefits, too). It’s not in my field (um. it’s more like the complete opposite of my field), but the work is interesting (I do less administrative assistant work and more project based work now), it pays pretty well and I like the people I work with. I had been unemployed except for some freelance side jobs for 2 years while looking for a job in my field and I’d been on many interviews and been a finalist for a job more than once but I had nothing until the temp agency. I would not have been able to get this job without it, either, because my resume and experience wouldn’t have matched up with what they were looking for in this particular position. It was the fact that they saw me in action for a month that led them to offer me the full time position. 

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